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Break through the numbers into Action
September 14, 2009, 8:10 am
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Break through the numbers into Action

The obstacles above can be overcome.  With a little bit of planning and a some more flexibility your team can be off to a running start.

Solution #1:  Build an Enterprise Analytics Framework

While you can acquire all the reporting tools you want, none of them will tell you how you are performing against your business goals.  In order to adopt analytics across your organizations you must adhere to the company’s corporate goals and objectives.  Then, they can be translated into the activities your company plans on performing.

What are your goals?

What are you trying to do to achieve them?

What do you want to prove/disprove/do? Reach More Visitors, Decrease Call Center Costs, Increase Advertising Income, Sell more products, Increase Visitor Retention

What do you need to track?

Once this is in place you can start to build the actual reporting around it.  Instead of just presenting data, you are proving or disproving activities.

Instead of the analyst running around performing one off requests they have a solid regime of reports.  In the fewer cases where that drill down reporting is needed the fact that it will be acted upon lights the fire.

Solution #2:  Define Accountability and Standardize data communication

Organizations that have a process in place on what happens under certain criteria (landing page bouce rate is low for a page with a high entry level) and who performs the change (Sally in design meets with Rich in Marketing) have a much greater chance of making changes that make the most impact.

Building out the framework further to include:

Who delivers the data?

How often is data delivered?

What signals a change request?

Who is responsible for improving the data?

Now, when the data comes in as planned, everyone knows what to do.  Those who simply use it as a sticker better start paying a little more attention to it.  The HIPPO now has a direct arrow to point fingers to.

Solution #3:  Automate report building and delivery

All this process without automatation just doesn’t make since.  Some of the key obstacles to automation in the past is the one off reporting and ill defined reporting led to a negative cost\benefit to automate the reporting.  It was much cheaper to buy your analyst lunch.

Define all your data sources and find out how to automate the data collection week over week or month over month.  (Beg them for a web service, ODBC, or easy extraction method, or switch to a provider that has one).

Sign-off on how the report will be displayed for everybody.  Decrease the report customizations across the organization and start formulating standard data views.


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