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Some pretty good cases for VIA not RT
February 2, 2009, 10:44 am
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This is a continuation of Anil Batra’s : ReTweet Demystified

I wanted to add to the discussion the following link describing the (via @orginal) syntax   retweeters-anonymous.org   Which is primarily used by Tweetie (iphone app).

The article made some good points in that RTs simply push the same message along, duplicating messages and congesting the network.  Tweetie (to my knowledge) is the only one promoting via, which allows for your own contributing comment along with the original tweet (which of course has the original URL).

 From Their Site:

Tweetie currently has a button called “Repost Tweet” that makes it easy to create “via” style posts. Because “via” and “RT” mean different things, perhaps there should be two buttons… one for “mentioning” a tweet (via) and one for “forwarding” a tweet (RT).

This also provides many advantages/disadvantages in tracking the effects of your web analytics and social media initiatives.  I think it is too early for a definitive answer but would be a great way to comment!:


  • Your original tiny URL is used.  The more twitter is monetized, the more RT’s may have revised Tiny Urls for tracking.
  • Reduced spam on hashtags where the same message is repeated with no added value.
  • I see this as a possible practice to decrease the spamming “RT’ing” that is starting to occur.  The “via” will allow for at least another ~100 char of added creativity. (or at least a different score for the effort)



  • All Referring traffic from twitter within Web Analytics tool.
  • There is definitely a lack of current support for via
  • With more traffic flowing back into twitter, this most likely changes many assumptions made in current (and improved) capacity planning.  I liked the whale as a novelty.


My $.02. and a little more than the 140char the following tweet would allow:

Our Tweet


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