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This is not a blog
November 30, 2008, 9:01 am
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This is not another personal and professional blog about me. If this were a blog the first post would talk about my love for my wife and three troublemaking daughters family and friends and such. Or, if a business blog, the first post might be about my job. as a web analytics program manager . This is not a blog.

This is not another web measurement blog. If this were a web analytics blog the second post would either be a:

  • Top 10 predictions (or recap) post(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10),
  • Debate on bounce rates,
  • Definition of new KPI’s,
  • scorecards or
  • how hard/easy/needed/increasing/disposable the measurement industry is.

Instead I may blog, post, tweet, reply, or ramble on about a topic close to my captalistic sole, such as how data (when not used as a crutch) can enlighten us with quick assumptions decisions. It may begin with a reason to track the number of people using IE 6 your Intranet, or a WebTrends custom report, or even how you can effectively tell management to stop asking for reports, and start demanding results…on something. Name that thing.

This is not a blog to promote my Bosilytics skills and/or get me us hired. IF this were a blog the first, second, third, and preceding rambles posts would be written according to the Chicago Manual of Style while the spell-check would not fully pass Word, Word Press, Open Office, or any other spell-check, but would again fit the standards. I am a perfectionist. I take the time for these things during the day, but, this is an opportunity for me to quickly share what I know. What I don’t will probably become clear and that is spelling 🙂

Now that expectation are clear…here’s to 2009.


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Ha. I think more blogs should be written in this visual style. Thanks for the light moment and I look forward to your future words.

Comment by Chris G

Thanks Chris. I look forward to the WebTrends banter back and forth through the year. Hope to see you in April…now on how you can get rid of the WebTrends Engage annoucement in Software 😉

Comment by bosilytics

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